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PROGRAM OCT 11 - DEC 16  2019

6 week introductory yoga course

Location: Evergreen Centre 45 Talbot Avenue, Balwyn

For more information email Katina and to book your spot!


About the Teacher


With many years of training and experience in human development and wellbeing, Katina Pallaras brings to her teaching of yoga a holistic understanding in healing and inner awareness. She is Hatha trained in Australia and internationally trained in Ashtanga. She teaches both yoga students and students training as teachers in Ashtanga yoga.


Katina has taught and travelled around the world teaching yoga and as well as in Teacher Trainings in U.K., Austria, Spain, India and Thailand. 


She has taught in Wellbeing Centres, Health Clubs, private homes and in her own yoga studio. She runs retreats in tropical North Queensland Australia and in luxurious locations all over India.


Katina was also Lecturer at the College of Natural Medicine in Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Asana practice.


Drawing on both her Hatha and Ashtanga training, Katina offers students the opportunity to experience various yoga styles.


In Hatha yoga, Katina brings a tranquil and inspiring style of teaching to her practice. This includes a sequence of yoga postures, which work on the brain, respiratory system, the central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system and the 7 endocrine glands. It is taught in a structured and easy to understand style, designed carefully to suit students varying capabilities.


If students prefer to work more dynamically, Katina offers a flowing style of practice (vinyasa) for students who enjoy a stronger and faster challenge. 


Drawing on both yoga and professional practice experience, students are in expert hands as they learn new ways to transform their lives. A calming and centred approach to her teaching enables students to complete classes feeling relaxed and refreshed.



  • 1000 hours teacher training - Gold Diploma of Hatha Yoga, Gita International School of Yoga,   Australia 2007

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Progressive Yoga Relaxation

  •  200 hours teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Alliance,    Thailand

  • 100 hours Advanced Training in Yoga Practice and Teaching Skills – Yoga Alliance,  Austria, 2012 

  • Association Member of Yoga Australia



If you like the idea of yoga, flexibility and good health, how does the opportunity to learn yoga in the comfort of your own home appeal to you?


Perhaps yoga from home is appealing but better still, doing yoga with your friends from home sounds like even more fun!


Katina offers both private and group yoga with friends in your own personal space. Sessions are also designed to suit your specific requirements. You can progress at your own pace without feeling the pressure of a formal class.


Unlike some larger yoga studios, students receive individual attention. Adjustments and alignment of postures also comprise part of the feedback.


Whether you have experience or not, Katina will help you establish and refine your practice with a teacher trained and skilled to understand your needs.


The great thing about yoga is that it’s for everyone. The best thing is, you can try it in your own private space supported by the expertise of a fully qualified and experienced teacher who will come to you!


It doesn’t matter what age, flexibility or experience you have. Yoga doesn’t discriminate – that’s its true beauty!




Your private lesson will be designed around your specific interests and needs. It may include a static class, slower paced in Hatha Yoga or a more dynamic flowing class. Perhaps it may be a little of both?


Breathing techniques to expand your lungs and nourish your mind or restorative postures to help you unwind and relax can be included also. The great thing is, your teacher is highly qualified to help you assess both your emotional and physical needs and to create a program to leave you feeling rejuvenated.


All classes provide an opportunity for you to work comfortably at your own level. Whilst a subtle body is the outcome of a disciplined practice, attention is given to creating a flexible attitude and calm mind.



Please contact Katina for prices



Personalised yoga classes are also available in your work environment. All you have to do is ask some colleagues to join you and find a suitable space for your relaxing class.

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