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A W A KE N    T H E    H E A R T

Rekindle the Flame of Love

Have you lost that loving feeling?
Would you like a better insight into your partner’s behavior?
Are you giving your relationship the priority it deserves? 

Katina Pallaras’ book Awaken the Heart contains inspirational and practical advice to help couples rebuild a healthy, happy and loving relationship. She explores why the spark is lost and explains how relationships become run-down and unhappy.

Innovative and practical, Awaken the Heart provides accessible advice, such as evaluation questionnaires, exercises and reviews, which will enable couples to get straight to the heart of their problems. There are also case examples throughout the book that relate to life and real problems, including anger management, communication issues, emotional distance and intimacy.

If you need to reconnect with your partner or if you would simply like to put some zest back into your relationship, this book will allow you to quickly rebuild the partnership of your desire.

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