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For over 38 years, Katina Pallaras has worked professionally in supporting people overcome interpersonal conflict. As an individual and relationship specialist, published author and yoga teacher, Katina appreciates the importance of establishing wellbeing and life balance.

She brings a wealth of professional experience and knowledge to the area of relationships, personal healing and inner awareness. Her extensive professional background enables her to be considered an expert in her field.


Katina Pallaras is Director of Human Interactions which specializes in assisting people create a satisfying and balanced relationship with themselves and others. Katina has worked in private practice as a therapist providing counselling and therapy to couples and individuals wishing to overcome disharmony. As a specialist in her area, Katina appreciates the importance of teaching positive ways to build healthy relationships and has opened many channels of communication to reach the wider community. Her relationship column in the Melbourne Weekly, radio segment and publications is testimony to her expertise in this area.


Katina’s comprehensive understanding and knowledge base is also evidenced in her educational role as former Director and Lecturer in Counselling and Human Behaviour at U.N.S.W. Before this, she was Coordinator of the Masters of Social Work program at Melbourne University and lecturer at the College of Natural Medicine teaching counselling skills, stress and crisis management.


In her earlier career, she was appointed Senior Social Worker for the Department of Community Services in a case and supervisory management role.



  • Bachelor of Arts – Social Sciences Latrobe University,

  • Bachelor of Social Work – Monash University,

  • Master of Social Work – Sydney University,

  • Advanced Psycho-dynamic Marital therapy – Centre of Relationship Education, Internship training at Relationship Australia  

  • Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment

  • Graduate Diploma Family Dispute Resolution

  • Member of AASW and AMHSW

Yoga background & Qualifications listed under the Yoga Tab



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